Survival Kits and Ideas – What are my Options?

Survival Kit IdeasWhen it comes to survival kits and ideas, what our the options? I can only tell you what I found to be the case from my experience when I was hunting for the best survival kits online and off. When it hit me that I was so unprepared for a natural or man-made disaster due to a lack of a survival kits list, the first thought through my head was that I needed to get serious when it came down to deciding on my emergency survival supplies, a survival food list and disaster emergency plans. Which way do I go?

Spending a lot on an Emergency Survival Supplies is for the Birds…

I’m not what you would call rich, so spending a lot of money on emergency survival supplies, education on survival techniques, a huge survival food list and some disaster emergency plans was out of the question for me. Also, I work 60-65 hours a week on top of raising 4 kids with my beautiful wife so a big do-it-yourself project was also out of the question due to my over-stuffed schedule.

I searched high and low and all I found was overpriced survival kits, including an expensive (freeze-dried) survival food list (ranging from $350 to $13,700 – I kid you not), and survival techniques/classes upward of 2,000 total. Hell no!

I wanted proven survival techniques, a survival food list and some emergency survival supplies, which are easy to store and implement for next to nothing – plain and simple!

My Search for Survival Kits List Planning Led Me To…

After searching through hell and high water, I finally did find what I was looking for – an emergency survival supplies guide which also included disaster emergency planning course. More importantly, it was easy to jump-start on a modest budget. Something that had proven, survival techniques, something that was easy to follow, something that was easy to implement plus something that showed me how to produce my own (free) electric (which I use right now), as well as something that shows me how to be COMPLETELY self-sufficient as far as Electric (off-grid wind & solar) as well as water – which I currently use right now. I don’t need a disaster to happen if it saves me money now! Right? The best part is that the wind and solar were all do-it-yourself manufacturing, for pennies on the dollar.

Most importantly, I wanted to get a survival kits list that made me aware of the most critical food items people would clear off the shelves first, in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.


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