A Preppers Checklist – Getting it Fast and Cheap

Preppers Checklist - Doom and GloomSome may be asking what the heck is a preppers checklist and why do I need one? Before we answer the question of what a preppers checklist is, lets start by explaining what the definition of a prepper is to begin with (just in case your really new to this concept)… A prepper is a person or a group of people that is or has been preparing for a life-altering natural or man-made disaster (such as hurricane Sandy times 1,000).

Having complied a preppers checklist or a survival kit checklist before hand could be the difference between your family’s life and certain death (for real!). It only takes you turning on you local or national news nowadays to see that anyone without a checklist for preppers may be asking for trouble when the stuff hits the fan (very possibly in the near future).

Without sounding like a flaky, left-wing-hippie, who thinks that aliens are going to coming down to earth, plant their flag and eat our children for sport, it is extremely apparent that the world (and the country) we thought we were living in has dramatically change over the course of the last decade.  For example: terrorist threats (9/11, etc.), food shortages, contaminated water supply (and water shortages), political unrest (Obama getting re-elected), super-storms and whatever else goes bump in the night are all good reasons to get you emergency survival kit together – and fast.

I know it may sound as simple as jotting down some survival kit checklist stuff on a piece of paper, but believe me when I tell you it is easier said than done – especially if your want your preppers checklist to come to fruition. There’s a lot to consider when it come to emergency preparedness supplies and counting on it to work great for you and your family’s safety.

You may be thinking, how hard can it be to make a stinking survival equipment list? The problem with that is that it is not just making a list, but gathering and getting: long term food supplies, producing clean drinkable water (with little available resources), manufacturing off-the-grid electricity for long-term use, implementing survival gardening knowlegde, etc. I hope your getting the picture now – easier said then done my friend, easier said then done.

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