FREE Preppers Checklist Author and Survival Preparedness Expert Reveals 6 Crucial Survival Planning Steps You Must Know to Survive ANY Disaster

Thanks for visiting my Preppers Checklist blog. Having a preppers checklist ready to go, is a great start to protecting for your family in a disaster scenario. Many readers wanted to know what I had on my preppers checklist, so here it is…

Directly below is a free copy of a preppers checklist in order to take that first critical step in securing your family’s survival preparedness chances in the face of a crisis.

Emergency Preppers ChecklistDOWNLOAD PREPPERS CHECKLIST in PDF





WARNING about Preppers Checklist Download: A list of items on a checklist will not completely help you or your family if you don’t have a survival preparedness plan in place and ready to go! Survival preparedness guidance and survival techniques education should be your #1 priority.

If your thinking about, or ready to implement a survival preparedness plan to go with the free preppers checklist that you just received, then I suggest that you start by watching this popular survival techniques and planning tutorial… created by long-time Survival Expert – Damian Campbell. Damian’s video report may be Shocking and Opposite to every piece of survival preparedness advice you ever received, but trust me and spend 10 minutes watching his video. The simplicity of his findings will amaze you! What do you have to lose?

Prepper Checklist Survival Presentation


No Survival Preparedness Plan = DEAD MEAT!

Statistics consistently show that DEATH among victims of disaster mostly occurs by:

1. Starvation
2. Dehydration
3. The Elements
4. Ignorance of Survival Preparedness

Being an experienced prepper (and learning from my share of mistakes), I have come to realize that having a preppers checklist (aka – a survival food list) anchored to a sound, survival preparedness plan, will off-set any risk and/or uncertainty. Cultivating survival techniques to protect your family through a strong survival preparedness plan doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to accomplish. As a matter of fact, it’s easier and cheaper than you think – even if you’re a beginner.


What You Will Need to DO!

You want to make sure that you have enough food (on your survival food list), water, and pepper-supplies for each person under your protection for at least 6-12 months, if not more (for family, friends, etc.). Also, you should DEFINITELY have an off-grid power plan, which will allow you and your family to operate at 100% survival efficiency – which could be the difference between life and death – LITERALLY! Off-Grid Power is the most underestimated keystone to a GREAT survival preparedness plan.


Are You Ready to Survive a Crisis and Protect Your Family Too?

Survival Preparedness TEST

1.  Do you know what the 37 Critical Survival Food List Items You Need to Horde? Y or N

2.  Do you know Food Storage Techniques (temp?, humidity?, shelf-life?, etc.)?  Y or N

3.  Do you have or know how to Harvest, Purify and Store Water for the long-term? Y or N

4.  Do you have an Off-the-Grid Power Plan (minimal solar or wind skills)? Y or N

5.  Do you have Survival Techniques for Survival Gardening? Y or N

6. Do you know how to Spot a Food Crisis before it strikes? Y or N


If you DID NOT answer YES to ALL 6 questions that we at Preppers Checklist put forth, then watch this survival techniques presentation that will put you on the fast-track to absolute self-sufficiency (below). It will give you the tools you need to compliment the free preppers checklist you received and allow you to protect yourself and your family in the face of ANY man-made or natural disaster. Invest 10 minutes for your family’s future and survival. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Prepper Checklist Survival Presentation




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