5 “Must-Have” Items to Beefing Up Your Preppers Checklist

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I want to thank you for visiting my website. I wanted to share with you my suggestions for 5 must-have items for beefing up your Preppers Checklist. I not talking about the basics that you would put of your preppers checklist, but the prepper supplies that really gives you and your family the advantage.

It took me months to prefect my survival kit checklist and if you think it is going to be compiled overnight, I would think again. This would be in addition to the basics such as food and water.

Before we jump into the “5 Must-Have Items”, I wanted to let you know that if you do not have your checklist for preppers (pdf document) ready to go and you want to download one instantly, right now, for free, click the following link below…

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If your ready to read about the 5 Must-Have Items for your preppers checklist, lets take a look…

Preppers Checklist

1) Water Purification Tablets– Procuring drinkable water in the case of a natural or man-made disaster is the key factor between survival and death. In my checklist for preppers, I strongly recommend that you add Water Purification Tablets to your survival kit list. These water purification tablets will allow you to easily purify water sources that were not previously treated for human (or pet) consumption such as: rivers, lakes, puddle water (if things are dire), etc. Water purification tablets work by granular activated carbon filtering which adsorbs and cleanses the water of pollutants, mercury/metals, organic contaminants, and many more. A good prep to add to your checklist for preppers. To see everything there is to know about water sanitation tablets plus all of its usages, simply click here.

2) Vinegar – Vinegar is by far, one of the most important prepper supplies that you need to ad to your emergency survival kit. Why you may ask? Vinegar is one of the most versatile substances a prepper could have in their survival kit checklist. Vinegar is used for ingesting/eating, cooking, first aid, medical uses, cleaning uses (cleaning solvent), plus many more. Having a good amount of vinegar in your prepper supplies and your preppers checklist, will allow you to have the confidence to solve a wide range of survival-issues with an out-of-the-box approach. A definite must-have to improving your chance of survival! To see all of the uses of Vinegar, simply click here now.

3) The Boy Scouts Handbook – Don’t laugh – the Boy Scout’s Hand Book is one of the most thorough and comprehensive survival handbooks on the market today (and has been for the past century!). If you think about it, this handbook has been honed to perfection for the past 100+ years as it has every possible survival skill know to man! A definite gem to all serious preppers’ emergency survival kit. To read the online version for FREE, simply, click here now.

4) Off-Grid-Electric Sources – Here is an item that we just recently put on our checklist for preppers. Some folks may not consider this a necessity although we found out how easy it is to produce and cultivate our own, free, independent electricity, that we use these tactics now – even before disaster strikes. Why pay for it when you can get it for free! ABOUT MY OFF-GRID-ELECTRIC PLAN: I got my off-grid-electric plan (which included “how-to” wind and solar tactics for beginners, which is awesome!), from an expert-rated survival preparedness planning course. It’s a 5-part course that is excellent in itself which includes: 1. thirty seven (37) critical food items you must have before a crisis strikes, 2. water cultivation/purification/storage, 3. food storage, 4. off-grid electric plan and 5. survival gardening tactics. All 5 portions of this course provide major value but the OFF-GRID ELECTRIC PLAN is absolutely stellar (and worth every penny). If you are considering getting a survival preparedness plan together for family’s well-being, then I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. I suggest you watch the entire video to get full benefit. It definitely worth spending 10 minutes for your family’s safety!

CLICK HERE to WATCH the Survival Preparedness Course PRESENTATION

5) Glock Pistol – In my opinion, here is a great  prepper supplies item to have on your preppers checklist in order to protect you and your family from the massive hordes of people that want what you have – a Glock Pistol. The reason I suggest a Glock is due to the fact that it is weather resistant (which means it could operate in rain, sleet and snow) and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain (unlike other finicky sidearms). I own the Glock 22 (40 caliber) pistol and the Glock 21 (45 caliber) pistol, which we use for home defense. Any form of protection is a good idea, but if you are considering a firearm, I feel Glock is the way to go. To learn more about Glock pistol, simply click here.


Go to Page Where I Can Download a FREE Preppers Checklist in PDF


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