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Hey all… AJ here and I want to thank all of you for visiting my article page on what to include in your basic preppers checklist. As mentioned in the above video, compiling your preppers checklist is a very important roll on how one would survive a crisis – when it strikes (and strike it will…). That being said, what would be the essentials when it comes to creating you checklist for prepping? Lets dig into this a little deeper.

1) Instant Food Supply – When I refer to an instant food supply, I am talking about items that could be eaten immediately (not like a survival garden which we will discuss below). I am talking about canned food (whether canned yourself or from your local grocery store down the street). In addition to canned food another prepper favorite is freeze-dried and dehydrated. I prefer freeze-dried to dehydrated food supplies due to the fact that freeze-dried could be prepared quickly and tastes a lot better too, in my opinion.

2) Long-Term Food Supplies – As mentioned above, short-term food supplies and long-term food supplies are pretty self explanatory (on the surface), although I would like to explain in greater detail. When I say long-term food supplies I am referring to a garden or as us preppers like to call it – a survival garden. This is to ensure that you and your loved ones have fresh, nutritious foods on hand to ensure energy levels are at their max as well as moral. In the coming days of disaster, nutrition could very well be the difference between life and death. We are probably know that only so much nutrition could come from a canned food item or any other immediate food source that has a 10 to 25 year shelf life. Fresh fruits and veggies may sound difficult to cultivate and harvest, but I have found an idiot-proof way for anyone to grow their very own survival garden, regardless where you live and what your level of expertise is in this arena (which I will cover in my honest and unbiased review of the BEST PREPPERS CHECKLIST SURVIVAL KIT on the market).


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3) Practical Food Storage – This is another major item that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to your disaster survival planning. Food storage could be a tremendous advantage or disadvantage, depending on how attuned you are to the food storage tactics. Food storage could be obtained by using above ground and under ground facilities depending on your level of comfort, commitment and resources (prior to the disaster event). Regardless which way you go on your food storage plans, keeping your stores safe and protected is paramount to survival in a emergency disaster situation.

4) Long-Term Water Supply – Water, water, water – the most valuable resource to any human being that walks the face of this earth. This should have been #1 on my list although I want you to know that just having watered stored before any disaster event is great, but do you know how to manufactured and harvest your own water supply if we are talking about a long term survival scenario? I can assure you that learning how to get your own (clean) water supply will play a huge roll on who survives and who doesn’t. If you do not know how to collect and filtrate your own water supply, have no fear, that will be discussed on my product review page which you can see by clicking here now.

5) Off-Grid Electric – This may not be a necessity to all preppers but it sure as hell a necessity to me! Three months ago I knew nothing about off-grid-electric and fortunately that has all changed in a very short period of time. Why? Because I got off my but and learned a little something about generating your own off-grid-electric, which was surprisingly easy once you find the right source of knowledge (which I did). Get educated on this could give you and your family a huge survival advantage over the typical prepper.


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