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AJ the Prepper - About MeHello Preppers and Patriots  Рmy name is AJ and I am a regular guy who lives in the southwestern part of the US with my beautiful family.

In addition to my career, I also review and report back on survival, consumer products of all kinds (part time). I created this website to educate the prepper community on identifying and exploiting the best way to come up with an instant and reliable preppers checklist, for those folks who are not Donald Trump and do not have hours and hours of free time on their hands (just like me).

It could take years and years to compile and gather all of your preps, and before you know it your scratching by just to pay the bills and feed your family. I’m hear to tell you there is a better and cheaper way…

To read an HONEST and UNBIASED review on a sensible solution for YOUR preppers checklist and survival plan, click here.

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