4 Key Ingredients That a Emergency Survival Kit Guide Should Have

Hey guys, AJ here and I wanted to share some useful tips with you today on how to locate the best emergency survival kit guide for your budget.

This is where I ran into a great deal of trouble at first, when I started to piece together my emergency preparedness plan as well as an emergency survival kit. Just picking up an¬†emergency preparedness kit guide is NOT what I wanted for the simple reason that most of the prepper guides on the market are completely outdated and recycled. I was looking for a reputable, how-to guide that has “out-of-the-box ideas” that could be put into effect with as little amount of money out of pocket as possible (although, free would always be best!).

I wanted to have a emergency preparedness plan that really covered all of the above elements of my preppers list with out spending a fortune on survival classes, fancy survival equipment, expensive self help survival products and all of that other BS!

In my opinion, a emergency preparedness kit guide should be robust and cost-effective and it should cover many aspects of survival techniques, not just the basics. I want to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to protecting my family in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.

When looking for a decent guide, it should at least cover the following keystone ingredients:

1) Urban and Sub-Urban Gardening Techniques

2) Critical Food Item Inventory (pickled foods, canned meats/vegs/fruits, sport drinks, vinegar, salts, etc.)

3) D.I.Y. Water Cultivation and Filtration (for long term and short term prepping)

4) Off-Grid-Electric Production (do-it-yourself)

Finding a comprehensive apocalypse survival kit guide that really covers all aspects of these survival techniques is very tricky to find, especially if your looking for something is a state-of-the-art education and practically priced. In the end, I did land on a Emergency Survival Kit guide that worked very well for my modest budget.

In the end surviving a disaster is all about your preppers checklist and your survival preparedness plan.

Lets get the first one out of the way (a preppers checklist)…

Go to Page Where I Can Download a FREE Preppers Checklist in PDF


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