FREE Preppers Checklist Author and Survival Preparedness Expert Reveals 6 Crucial Survival Planning Steps You Must Know to Survive ANY Disaster

Thanks for visiting my Preppers Checklist blog. Having a preppers checklist ready to go, is a great start to protecting for your family in a disaster scenario. Many readers wanted to know what I had on my preppers checklist, so here it is…

Directly below is a free copy of a preppers checklist in order to take that first critical step in securing your family’s survival preparedness chances in the face of a crisis.

Emergency Preppers ChecklistDOWNLOAD PREPPERS CHECKLIST in PDF





WARNING about Preppers Checklist Download: A list of items on a checklist will not completely help you or your family if you don’t have a survival preparedness plan in place and ready to go! Survival preparedness guidance and survival techniques education should be your #1 priority.

If your thinking about, or ready to implement a survival preparedness plan to go with the free preppers checklist that you just received, then I suggest that you start by watching this popular survival techniques and planning tutorial… created by long-time Survival Expert – Damian Campbell. Damian’s video report may be Shocking and Opposite to every piece of survival preparedness advice you ever received, but trust me and spend 10 minutes watching his video. The simplicity of his findings will amaze you! What do you have to lose?

Prepper Checklist Survival Presentation


No Survival Preparedness Plan = DEAD MEAT!

Statistics consistently show that DEATH among victims of disaster mostly occurs by:

1. Starvation
2. Dehydration
3. The Elements
4. Ignorance of Survival Preparedness

Being an experienced prepper (and learning from my share of mistakes), I have come to realize that having a preppers checklist (aka – a survival food list) anchored to a sound, survival preparedness plan, will off-set any risk and/or uncertainty. Cultivating survival techniques to protect your family through a strong survival preparedness plan doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to accomplish. As a matter of fact, it’s easier and cheaper than you think – even if you’re a beginner.


What You Will Need to DO!

You want to make sure that you have enough food (on your survival food list), water, and pepper-supplies for each person under your protection for at least 6-12 months, if not more (for family, friends, etc.). Also, you should DEFINITELY have an off-grid power plan, which will allow you and your family to operate at 100% survival efficiency – which could be the difference between life and death – LITERALLY! Off-Grid Power is the most underestimated keystone to a GREAT survival preparedness plan.


Are You Ready to Survive a Crisis and Protect Your Family Too?

Survival Preparedness TEST

1.  Do you know what the 37 Critical Survival Food List Items You Need to Horde? Y or N

2.  Do you know Food Storage Techniques (temp?, humidity?, shelf-life?, etc.)?  Y or N

3.  Do you have or know how to Harvest, Purify and Store Water for the long-term? Y or N

4.  Do you have an Off-the-Grid Power Plan (minimal solar or wind skills)? Y or N

5.  Do you have Survival Techniques for Survival Gardening? Y or N

6. Do you know how to Spot a Food Crisis before it strikes? Y or N


If you DID NOT answer YES to ALL 6 questions that we at Preppers Checklist put forth, then watch this survival techniques presentation that will put you on the fast-track to absolute self-sufficiency (below). It will give you the tools you need to compliment the free preppers checklist you received and allow you to protect yourself and your family in the face of ANY man-made or natural disaster. Invest 10 minutes for your family’s future and survival. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Prepper Checklist Survival Presentation




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4 Key Ingredients That a Emergency Survival Kit Guide Should Have

Hey guys, AJ here and I wanted to share some useful tips with you today on how to locate the best emergency survival kit guide for your budget.

This is where I ran into a great deal of trouble at first, when I started to piece together my emergency preparedness plan as well as an emergency survival kit. Just picking up an emergency preparedness kit guide is NOT what I wanted for the simple reason that most of the prepper guides on the market are completely outdated and recycled. I was looking for a reputable, how-to guide that has “out-of-the-box ideas” that could be put into effect with as little amount of money out of pocket as possible (although, free would always be best!).

I wanted to have a emergency preparedness plan that really covered all of the above elements of my preppers list with out spending a fortune on survival classes, fancy survival equipment, expensive self help survival products and all of that other BS!

In my opinion, a emergency preparedness kit guide should be robust and cost-effective and it should cover many aspects of survival techniques, not just the basics. I want to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to protecting my family in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.

When looking for a decent guide, it should at least cover the following keystone ingredients:

1) Urban and Sub-Urban Gardening Techniques

2) Critical Food Item Inventory (pickled foods, canned meats/vegs/fruits, sport drinks, vinegar, salts, etc.)

3) D.I.Y. Water Cultivation and Filtration (for long term and short term prepping)

4) Off-Grid-Electric Production (do-it-yourself)

Finding a comprehensive apocalypse survival kit guide that really covers all aspects of these survival techniques is very tricky to find, especially if your looking for something is a state-of-the-art education and practically priced. In the end, I did land on a Emergency Survival Kit guide that worked very well for my modest budget.

In the end surviving a disaster is all about your preppers checklist and your survival preparedness plan.

Lets get the first one out of the way (a preppers checklist)…

Go to Page Where I Can Download a FREE Preppers Checklist in PDF


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Survival Kits and Ideas – What are my Options?

Survival Kit IdeasWhen it comes to survival kits and ideas, what our the options? I can only tell you what I found to be the case from my experience when I was hunting for the best survival kits online and off. When it hit me that I was so unprepared for a natural or man-made disaster due to a lack of a survival kits list, the first thought through my head was that I needed to get serious when it came down to deciding on my emergency survival supplies, a survival food list and disaster emergency plans. Which way do I go?

Spending a lot on an Emergency Survival Supplies is for the Birds…

I’m not what you would call rich, so spending a lot of money on emergency survival supplies, education on survival techniques, a huge survival food list and some disaster emergency plans was out of the question for me. Also, I work 60-65 hours a week on top of raising 4 kids with my beautiful wife so a big do-it-yourself project was also out of the question due to my over-stuffed schedule.

I searched high and low and all I found was overpriced survival kits, including an expensive (freeze-dried) survival food list (ranging from $350 to $13,700 – I kid you not), and survival techniques/classes upward of 2,000 total. Hell no!

I wanted proven survival techniques, a survival food list and some emergency survival supplies, which are easy to store and implement for next to nothing – plain and simple!

My Search for Survival Kits List Planning Led Me To…

After searching through hell and high water, I finally did find what I was looking for – an emergency survival supplies guide which also included disaster emergency planning course. More importantly, it was easy to jump-start on a modest budget. Something that had proven, survival techniques, something that was easy to follow, something that was easy to implement plus something that showed me how to produce my own (free) electric (which I use right now), as well as something that shows me how to be COMPLETELY self-sufficient as far as Electric (off-grid wind & solar) as well as water – which I currently use right now. I don’t need a disaster to happen if it saves me money now! Right? The best part is that the wind and solar were all do-it-yourself manufacturing, for pennies on the dollar.

Most importantly, I wanted to get a survival kits list that made me aware of the most critical food items people would clear off the shelves first, in the case of a natural or man-made disaster.


Click Here to Download a FREE Preppers Checklist in PDF





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5 “Must-Have” Items to Beefing Up Your Preppers Checklist

AJ here…

I want to thank you for visiting my website. I wanted to share with you my suggestions for 5 must-have items for beefing up your Preppers Checklist. I not talking about the basics that you would put of your preppers checklist, but the prepper supplies that really gives you and your family the advantage.

It took me months to prefect my survival kit checklist and if you think it is going to be compiled overnight, I would think again. This would be in addition to the basics such as food and water.

Before we jump into the “5 Must-Have Items”, I wanted to let you know that if you do not have your checklist for preppers (pdf document) ready to go and you want to download one instantly, right now, for free, click the following link below…

Go to Page Where I Can Download a FREE Preppers Checklist in PDF

If your ready to read about the 5 Must-Have Items for your preppers checklist, lets take a look…

Preppers Checklist

1) Water Purification Tablets– Procuring drinkable water in the case of a natural or man-made disaster is the key factor between survival and death. In my checklist for preppers, I strongly recommend that you add Water Purification Tablets to your survival kit list. These water purification tablets will allow you to easily purify water sources that were not previously treated for human (or pet) consumption such as: rivers, lakes, puddle water (if things are dire), etc. Water purification tablets work by granular activated carbon filtering which adsorbs and cleanses the water of pollutants, mercury/metals, organic contaminants, and many more. A good prep to add to your checklist for preppers. To see everything there is to know about water sanitation tablets plus all of its usages, simply click here.

2) Vinegar – Vinegar is by far, one of the most important prepper supplies that you need to ad to your emergency survival kit. Why you may ask? Vinegar is one of the most versatile substances a prepper could have in their survival kit checklist. Vinegar is used for ingesting/eating, cooking, first aid, medical uses, cleaning uses (cleaning solvent), plus many more. Having a good amount of vinegar in your prepper supplies and your preppers checklist, will allow you to have the confidence to solve a wide range of survival-issues with an out-of-the-box approach. A definite must-have to improving your chance of survival! To see all of the uses of Vinegar, simply click here now.

3) The Boy Scouts Handbook – Don’t laugh – the Boy Scout’s Hand Book is one of the most thorough and comprehensive survival handbooks on the market today (and has been for the past century!). If you think about it, this handbook has been honed to perfection for the past 100+ years as it has every possible survival skill know to man! A definite gem to all serious preppers’ emergency survival kit. To read the online version for FREE, simply, click here now.

4) Off-Grid-Electric Sources – Here is an item that we just recently put on our checklist for preppers. Some folks may not consider this a necessity although we found out how easy it is to produce and cultivate our own, free, independent electricity, that we use these tactics now – even before disaster strikes. Why pay for it when you can get it for free! ABOUT MY OFF-GRID-ELECTRIC PLAN: I got my off-grid-electric plan (which included “how-to” wind and solar tactics for beginners, which is awesome!), from an expert-rated survival preparedness planning course. It’s a 5-part course that is excellent in itself which includes: 1. thirty seven (37) critical food items you must have before a crisis strikes, 2. water cultivation/purification/storage, 3. food storage, 4. off-grid electric plan and 5. survival gardening tactics. All 5 portions of this course provide major value but the OFF-GRID ELECTRIC PLAN is absolutely stellar (and worth every penny). If you are considering getting a survival preparedness plan together for family’s well-being, then I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. I suggest you watch the entire video to get full benefit. It definitely worth spending 10 minutes for your family’s safety!

CLICK HERE to WATCH the Survival Preparedness Course PRESENTATION

5) Glock Pistol – In my opinion, here is a great  prepper supplies item to have on your preppers checklist in order to protect you and your family from the massive hordes of people that want what you have – a Glock Pistol. The reason I suggest a Glock is due to the fact that it is weather resistant (which means it could operate in rain, sleet and snow) and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain (unlike other finicky sidearms). I own the Glock 22 (40 caliber) pistol and the Glock 21 (45 caliber) pistol, which we use for home defense. Any form of protection is a good idea, but if you are considering a firearm, I feel Glock is the way to go. To learn more about Glock pistol, simply click here.


Go to Page Where I Can Download a FREE Preppers Checklist in PDF


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A Preppers Checklist – Getting it Fast and Cheap

Preppers Checklist - Doom and GloomSome may be asking what the heck is a preppers checklist and why do I need one? Before we answer the question of what a preppers checklist is, lets start by explaining what the definition of a prepper is to begin with (just in case your really new to this concept)… A prepper is a person or a group of people that is or has been preparing for a life-altering natural or man-made disaster (such as hurricane Sandy times 1,000).

Having complied a preppers checklist or a survival kit checklist before hand could be the difference between your family’s life and certain death (for real!). It only takes you turning on you local or national news nowadays to see that anyone without a checklist for preppers may be asking for trouble when the stuff hits the fan (very possibly in the near future).

Without sounding like a flaky, left-wing-hippie, who thinks that aliens are going to coming down to earth, plant their flag and eat our children for sport, it is extremely apparent that the world (and the country) we thought we were living in has dramatically change over the course of the last decade.  For example: terrorist threats (9/11, etc.), food shortages, contaminated water supply (and water shortages), political unrest (Obama getting re-elected), super-storms and whatever else goes bump in the night are all good reasons to get you emergency survival kit together – and fast.

I know it may sound as simple as jotting down some survival kit checklist stuff on a piece of paper, but believe me when I tell you it is easier said than done – especially if your want your preppers checklist to come to fruition. There’s a lot to consider when it come to emergency preparedness supplies and counting on it to work great for you and your family’s safety.

You may be thinking, how hard can it be to make a stinking survival equipment list? The problem with that is that it is not just making a list, but gathering and getting: long term food supplies, producing clean drinkable water (with little available resources), manufacturing off-the-grid electricity for long-term use, implementing survival gardening knowlegde, etc. I hope your getting the picture now – easier said then done my friend, easier said then done.

To Download Your FREE Preppers Checklist, Click Here Now.

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